Fancy testing your driving skills against others to see how you fare?

Every Tuesday we’re offering you the chance to set the best lap times you can whilst on track with other drivers and possibly steal points to move your self up the Pro-Skill leaderboard.

When you first visited Gridline Racing and signed in on our new system you were allocatted 1200 Pro-Skill points.  Every time you visit us you will gain further points, however set a faster lap time than some of the other drivers who are on track and steal points from them.  This moves you up the leaderboard whilst moving the others down.

The top 50 point holders are displayed on the Gridline Racing App (available on the play/app store now)  whilst we display the top 25 on our web-site’s homepage.

To make things interesting we will give you 5 x 10 minute sessions for just £30 per driver, that’s potentially 40 other drivers you can compete against.

As the sessions progress we will try where possible to match drivers abilities in sessions to even out the playing field.

If nothing else it’s a chance to come and race against others and see if you have what it takes.

If you have visited us before then take a look at the top right hand side of your time sheet and it shows where you are currently ranked out of the current 13,000+ drivers who are already involved, if you dont have your last time sheets feel free to come in and we can re-print you a copy.

Pro-Skill Points