• Bronze Party
    • Upto 12 kids
    • 30 mins track time 
    • Pizza's available**
    • No private room hire
    • Cadet karts ONLY
    • 6 karts on track
  • Silver Party
    • Up to 18 kids
    • 60 mins total track time
    • Birthday Cake included
    • 30 minutes private room hire
    • Cadet karts ONLY
    • 6 karts on track

If the package you have chosen includes Cadet karts only then please make sure all drivers are 8 years + and no taller than 5ft

Cadet karts are designed for the younger drivers (as a guide 8 to 13 year olds) Maximum height of 5ft, if any of the drivers invited are over this height limit ideally they need the larger karts.

If you are not sure which option is best for you please feel free to contact us.

With all the above options the total track time is divided up equally as possible between the drivers attending using the maximum number of karts allowed in the chosen event.

Gridline Racing reserves the right to determine the safest combination of karts on track at any one time.

The private room hire allocation starts when the track time expires.

Pizza’s can be ordered from PIZZA HUT and you’ll receive a 50% discount on their standard price’s**

Please note: any drivers turning up late may not be allowed to participate