If you have not yet experienced the thrills and excitement of Indoor Karting, we would strongly recommend that you give it a try.

The benefits of a smaller indoor track over the larger outside track, apart from the obvious (British weather), is that even with just a few mates you can be sure to be in the action more of the time, because your rivals are never far away.

How do I go about running a race for my group?

Simply get a group of between 5 – 60 drivers and ring 01522 539915 and ask for availability on a date and time suitable. The circuit will require full payment to secure the session for exclusive hire of the track. All major credit cards are accepted.

If I’m not very good, will I be knocked out early in a G.P?

All drivers receive the same amount of driving during the practice and heats, which is the main part of the Grand Prix.

Is Gridline Racing licensed to sell alcohol?

Drinking & driving don’t mix ~ just as on the road! However we normally will have your event finished in time for you to head off into Lincoln town centre which offers a wide variety of clubs & pubs. We also offer a BYO policy which means your welcome to bring along your own beers and stick around after your event and have a celebratory drink and have a game of pool.

Do you have any driving tips?

When you watch the faster drivers on the track you will notice how smooth they are, and how they stick to the racing line.

Skidding around the corners may look like fun but all you’re doing is scrubbing speed off!!! The secret to smooth driving is to control your speed into a corner by either lifting off the accelerator or braking (only brake when in a straight line, as the brakes only work on the rear wheels, otherwise you will spin), give yourself lots of room to steer round smoothly. Then accelerate once you’re pointing in the right direction. Take a corner too fast or too tight and you’re likely to spin out and lose the race. Remember SLOW IN – FAST OUT! It’s a good idea to use your practice laps before your race to try different race lines and speeds, rather than use it as an unofficial race.

OVERTAKING other drivers is the same as Formula 1 or any other form of Motorsport. If someone sticks to the racing line it can be difficult the get passed them, however if you put the pressure on and stick right behind them, they are more likely to make a mistake which will give you the opportunity to slip passed.

Other things to watch out for is DOUBLE PEDALLING, this is when you use your brake while still having your foot on the accelerator, this over heats your clutch and will affect the karts performance (especially acceleration) and in some case’s will get soo hot the clutch will cease up totally and then you will be out the race altogether.
Also keeps your hands well away from the exhaust at all times as these get extremely hot and will burn like hell. Always keep your hands and legs inside the kart, especially when you’ve spun as this could be very dangerous, always wait for a marshal to come and give you some help.
Finally, please remember that karting is a NON-CONTACT sport, and any deliberate contact could result in you getting Black Flagged by the marshal’s and being taking off the karts with NO refund!

Do I need a drivers licence?

No – However if your nervous come down for a practice session first….. it will make a big difference!

Is it OK to drop the kids off?

Due to the potential risks involved, all drivers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, and a disclaimer must be counter signed by them.

Why Indoors?

Karting as a sport runs on outdoor circuits, however it was only after they moved Indoors with the advent of Honda four stroke engines did it really become popular and accessible to the public. The reasons are quite simple – hanging around outside in the wind and rain is not a lot of fun, and even more unpleasant to drive in. In addition the karts become tatty and rusty, and equipment spoils easily. Most customers also want to race at night, and through the winter, which demands good lighting, which is very difficult to achieve on an outdoor track without great expense. Moving indoors solved all these problems, and allows customers to enjoy a lively, colourful atmosphere with viewing terraces, PA systems and lap timing displays – it’s a fun place to enjoy either taking part or just to come along and watch the racing.

It must be small if its Indoors!

Our track is not the biggest in the world, although it is housed in a 25,000sqft ex-cash & carry so its not the smallest either, and we can fit 9 adult karts on the track comfortably and the track makes for exciting close head to head racing with plenty of overtaking opportunities instead of the larger outdoor tracks where karts become too spread out, making for boring racing. Come down and try to beat our fastest lap of the month.

Karting is something you do at the funfair!

Gridline Racing offers a real race experience – using Sodi’s latest GT5 karts, with impressive handling and performance, they are real flying machines. Apart from using a 4 stroke Honda 200cc 6.5hp engine (can’t use 2 stroke engines indoors), it’s the same kart you would buy to race in. And it’s a world apart from the heavy box section go-karts you get at amusement parks.

It appears to be expensive!

Indoor karting offers the best value Motorsport available – your inclusive price covers all your equipment hire, the opportunity for head to head racing, and an event full of non-stop action supervised by our experienced marshals which at least one of them will be First Aid trained, this would cost you thousands on a race track.

Are there any age, weight or height restriction’s?

Our Adult karts have a minimum height restriction of 4ft 11″. If you are over 19 stones or 6ft 5″ you are going to have trouble fitting into a kart, sorry! If you are in any doubt please pay us a visit and ask to try a kart for size, it’s NO trouble.

For the Kids karts the minimum age is 8 years & there is NO minimum height restrictions.

You must be at least 16 years old to drive 0ur brand new Sodi 270cc 9 hp 2 seater kart, but there is no minimum age limit for the passenger, as long as they are over 4ft tall they can join you to experience the thrills of karting.

Will I be competitive as I have never driven a kart before?

We recommend that you listen attentively to our pre-race briefing, it is surprising easily and great fun providing you know the correct way to drive your kart. The whole secret is to slow down into the corners and fast out, the speed out of a corner determines the speed down the straight and it is the speed on the straights that give good lap times. Avoid sliding out the tail of the kart, because in doing so all you achieve is to scrub off speed and lose acceleration.

Supposing I don’t like it or can’t do it?

If after your practice session you do not want to participate in the race we will give you an immediate no quibble money back guarantee, we can afford to do this as is so rarely happens!

(only applies in the Grand Prix or Endurance events, and as long as the event can continue without your participation)

Do you have any form of catering?

Not as present.  However we do have a deal with our local Pizza Hut, get 50% off all the pizza’s delivered to Gridline Racing!

What should I wear?

Casual clothes are recommended and flat shoes particularly for ladies, we supply race suits which you can slip on over your own clothes, helmets and gloves are provided.

Drivers with long hair are required to wear a hair net (supplied free) or tuck into their helmet or suit.

Cotton balaclava’s also available for just £2 each.

Are adults allowed on the track at the same time as the kids?

Yes, if you want to, what we mean by that is you come along with juniors and all want to race round together then that is allowed, however, we try to avoid adult only groups racing at same time as the Juniors, although this may happen in busy periods.